The McGill Commitment 


McGill has a history of shaping leaders. Nobel Prize winners, Grammy Award winners, Olympic gold medalists and world-renowned researchers—our alumni span the globe and leave McGill's mark in virtually every field, from neuroscience to the arts, from finance to physics and technology.

But the world is changing, and we too must adapt. In this age of disruption, McGill is committed to preparing you not just for the next 10 years, but for the next 50. Our political, environmental, economic and societal future may be undefined, but the McGill experience will position you to lead in increasingly complex times, and to effect positive change. 

In 2015, the University launched the McGill Commitment for this very purpose—to offer students a learning experience unlike any other: an international one, with innovative academic programs strategically geared towards fostering success and self-development, driven by one of the world’s leading research environments.

For undergraduate students, the McGill Commitment will mean meaningful exposure to research, whether in the laboratory or in the field, and learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom and the gates of the University. For graduate students, the Commitment will ensure excellence in supervision, and provide opportunities for developing career-enhancing professional skills.

All Faculties and Schools actively strive to realize the Commitment with offerings informed by their unique perspectives, approaches and curriculums. We invite you to explore the Faculty Commitments section of this site to learn more.

The McGill Commitment is one of the Principal's Priorities, and by visiting the Principal's website you can learn more about The McGill Commitment's action plan and key milestones, long-term goals, and on-going projects.

Finally, McGill's philanthropic efforts actively support the Commitment, and our Financial Aid section illustrates how we are investing in realizing its goals. 

Explore this site to find out more about The Commitment and what it means for you.


The McGill Commitment ensures that the University will foster students' Self-Development, while offering Innovative Academics and Leading Research on an International Campus.