A Tradition of Excellence

  • 12 Nobel Prize-winners among researchers, alumni, and faculty; more than any other Canadian University
  • 142 Rhodes Scholars; more than any other Canadian University
  • Numerous prestigious national, international and community-based awards of recognition including the Killim Prize, the Order of Canada and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Awards
  • From the birth of nuclear physics to the invention of basketball: a history of important “firsts” that helped shape the world
  • Notable alumni with outstanding contributions to all major fields and industries
  • Ground-breaking researchers positively impacting Canada and the world
  • Emerging researchers contributing award-winning, cutting-edge research to fields like green chemistry, digital humanities, law and legal pluralism, social statistics and demography, nanoscience and bio-nanotechnology, genomics, mental and behavioural health, music technologies, astrophysics, and advanced and alternative energy
  • Commitment to a living, comprehensive Strategic Research Plan outlining the groundwork to enhance research capacity, build and strengthen strategic alliances and emphasize knowledge exchange 
  • Dedication to nurturing and facilitating research excellence by adhering to five principles: ideas, innovation, sustainability, collaboration and partnership, and social engagement in research 

Foregrounding Research

  • Highest percentage of doctoral students in any Canadian university
  • Program curricula grounded in the latest international research
  • Meaningful undergraduate research opportunities in every degree program
  • Close to $500 million awarded annually for research
  • Exciting new initiative to provide seed funding for research activities
  • Special emphasis on the nexus between research and education, inspiring students at all levels with novel ideas and practices 
  • Sustainable practices focusing on the long-term viability of research, while considering its environmental, social and economic consequences

Taking Research beyond the Lab

  • Quartier de l'innovation, a “living laboratory” offering students, researchers and professors opportunities to explore solutions to expressed-needs and improve the community's quality of life, while creating an innovative and entrepreneurial culture based on fundamental values like sustainability, openness, inclusion, leadership, transparency and respect
  • Research that effects positive change and tangible improvements at the community, national and international levels in areas as diverse as healthcare, access to justice, food access and security and childcare and family planning
  • Research that promotes sustainability and facilitates greening projects both locally and internationally
  • Applied Student Research (ASR) that addresses the needs of local communities
  • For entrepreneurs and innovators: resources, services, programs and opportunities available across McGill’s campuses and in Montreal, including mentorship, funding, training, events
  • Numerous opportunities for partnernship with industry, with more than 250 inventions of commercial value currently available for development in diverse fields; with an average of 30 active licenses on an annual basis

Partnership and Collaboration