Student life at McGill is of utmost importance: that is why students can rely on dedicated staff, a large number of services and great initiatives under the Student Life and Learning banner.



Vibrant Student Life


A Supportive and Safe Environment

  • A comprehensive range of services and resources to help students throughout their academic career, conveniently catalogued in a single directory
  • A versatile network of faculty, department and peer advisors with different skills and expertise
  • Mentoring reimagined to allow for comprehensive programs and initiatives, each with a unique potential for knowledge transfer and skill building:
    • Academic mentorship, connecting students with faculty members who share in their academic interests
    • The Mentoring Across McGill Program, pairing students with mentors from a rich pool of faculty, staff and senior administration members, as well as graduate students, alumni and health care professionals, based on their unique requirements
    • A Career Development Mentor Program, connecting students seeking career advice to successful and experienced McGill alumni
    • Peer mentorship initiatives, including a Student Life Ambassador Program for first-years, to help students access support and advice from a relatable source
  • Quality and comprehensive healthmental health and counselling services conveniently offered on campus
  • From the Shag Shop to the Sexual Identity Centre (MUSIC): a broad range of campus facilities and outreach resources to help guide students on their personal path to sexual understanding and wellness
  • The Office for Religious and Spiritual Life (MORSL), equipping students with the necessary tools for spiritual exploration, understanding and wellbeing
  • Expert and dedicated staff at the Scholarship and Student Aid Office (SSAO) and a Frugal Scholar Money Management Program to help students budget for school and life and nurture financial wellness
  • Professional Career Planning Service (CaPS), including workshops, individual advising, a comprehensive job posting service, and an extensive Career Resource Centre
  • Numerous coordinated security resources and initiatives contributing to the overall, continued safety of our campuses
  • Campus safety programs run by the Students' Society of McGill University, including WalkSafe, DriveSafe and MSERT. Run by students for students

A respectful and Inclusive Campus


Student Involvement

  • Students helping students: many options for engaging in meaningful peer support
  • A variety of training opportunities to develop and strengthen peer support, mentorship and leadership skills
  • Diverse opportunities to participate in both student and higher-level University governance, while helping to enact tangible change in the McGill community
  • Seeds of Change, an innovative crowd-funding platform supporting a diverse range of student-run and/or student-focused philanthropic projects
  • A vast network of generous donors, giving to McGill and empowering students and others to contribute to their community and their world
  • Existing, multi-faceted support for student-initiated projects that benefit student life at McGill and in the community
  • A purpose-driven, self-motivated culture of student leadership, driving initiatives as significant and diverse as the Student in Mind Conference and the Women in House program
  • The Social Equity and Diversity Education Office, with a Community Engagement branch, connecting students to volunteer, mentorship and advocacy opportunities in the Montreal community
  • The Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship, helping students develop the skills required to kick start enterprises with an eye to creating purposeful and responsible change
  • myInvolvement, offering resources and tools, including a co-curricular record, that support and showcase student participation in everything from workshops to leadership positions