The four pillars of the University's Commitment are foundational to your McGill experience. As a student in the Faculty of Education, you will be immersed in a culture grounded in your program’s unique perspectives, approach and curriculum.


Recognized Excellence

Our successes are consistently reflected in published university rankings, where we rank among the top three faculties of Education in the country, and among the world’s top 50 (QS World University Rankings, 2015). We realize our excellence through:


Our International Reputation

We have built our reputation through sustained faculty leadership in conferences and scholarly communities, awards conferred on faculty, external funding support, impact on professional practice, productive inter-university collaboration, placement of graduates in appropriate positions and significant contributions to their careers.

Scholarly Research

We have made significant contributions to scholarly breakthroughs in the discipline. The impact of our research is measured through peer-reviewed publications, books, reports, and other scholarly products, through our organization of and participation in conferences, through our creation and development of scholarly journals, like the McGill Journal of Education, as well as through research grants for faculty and graduate students.

Exceptional Graduate Programs

Our graduate programs are acknowledged through international accreditation. Graduate students from other universities across the world participate in them, involving themselves in teaching activities at lower levels. We have successfully modeled the programs to produce competent graduates within suitable timeframes.


Departments, Programs, and Courses

We offer courses and programs through three academic departments:


Department of Integrated Studies
in Education (DISE)

    We are committed to the preparation of exceptional teachers for work in elementary and post-secondary schools, post-16 education, non-formal areas of learning such as NGOs, and to the continuing professional development of educators. We offer numerous undergraduate and graduate courses leading to teacher certification.

    • Our research focuses on the areas of pedagogy, curriculum, literacy education, educational policy, international education, adult/community education, and educational leadership. Through the Office of First Nations and Inuit Education, we focus on the education of Indigenous teachers for Indigenous schools.

    • Field experience is at the heart of our B.Ed. teacher preparation programs. By graduation, each of our students will have amassed over 700 hours of practice teaching, while being mentored by expert cooperating teachers, school administrators and McGill supervisors. Our faculty can provide you with field experience in over 300 Quebec schools, in Indigenous communities, and in international contexts.

    • Our Department is the only in the province to provide undergraduate programs leading to Teacher Certification for all levels of schooling, from kindergarten to secondary. A few Teacher Certification programs of note:


    French Immersion Pedagogy

    The Pédagogie de l’Immersion Française (PIF) major is designed to meet the needs of students enrolled in the B.Ed Kindergarten and Elementary program who wish to teach in French immersion contexts. As French Immersion is the common program across English schools in Quebec, and a very popular option across Canada, opting for and completing this program should increase your employability upon graduation. Our graduate certificate in French immersion pedagogy is aimed at those who wish to teach in French immersion contexts at primary and secondary levels.

    First Nation and Inuit Education (FNIE)

    First Nation and Inuit Education (FNIE) works in partnership with First Nations and Inuit education authorities throughout Quebec – such as the Kativik School Board (KSB), the Cree School Board, the Kahnawake and Kanehsatake education centres, and the Central Quebec School Board on behalf of the Naskapis of Kawawachikamach – to deliver community-based teacher education programs and professional development.

    MATL (Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning)

    A professional program leading to Quebec teacher certification for those already holding an undergraduate degree in a teachable subject area . This 60-credit degree program is comprised of 45 credits of coursework, coupled with 15 credits of internship.

    Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE)

      • In Kinesiology, we study human movement from psychosocial and biological perspectives. The Physical and Health Education program prepares you for the challenges, excitement and rewards of being a teacher of physical or health education. Courses provide an overview of the biophysical and psychosocial aspects of physical activity.
      • Professional courses include physical activities, teaching methodology, and curriculum development. In addition to our undergraduate programs, KPE offers graduate programs within both Arts and Science disciplines.

      • Research spans from cell to society, in an attempt to elucidate the physiological, neuromechanical and behavioural mechanisms of health, disability and disease across the lifespan.

      • Professional learning opportunities through courses and field placements place priority on linking theory to practice.


      Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP)

      • Our department examines the interaction among complex human systems (cognitive, social, emotional, behavioural, and biological) to maximize learning, development, and wellness -mental and physical -in multiple settings and throughout the lifespan. Home to over twenty research groups, laboratories and teams, we remain committed to research as an integral component of our department.
      • We investigate psychological and educational issues pertaining to assessment, prevention and intervention, counselling processes, cognitive and emotional functioning, developmental neuroscience, and the design and evaluation of learning environments and instructional practices. We offer graduate programsundergraduate programs, and professional development diplomas, certificates and programs.