The four pillars of the University's Commitment are foundational to your McGill experience. As a student in the Faculty of Dentistry, you will be immersed in a culture grounded in your program’s unique perspectives, approach and curriculum.


A State-Of-The-Art Facility:  
Newly Renovated in 2014

  • An 8,200 square foot, ergonomically-designed teaching clinic with open operatories, each with electronic charts, digital radiography and hook-ups to a microscope for treatment and teaching purposes ample
  • A simulation lab where students learn complex clinical procedures, infection control techniques, ergonomics, surgical magnification and other essential elements of operatory management
  • An active learning classroom with facilities to enable small group work
  • Live clinic-to-classroom interaction with a dedicated two-way audio-visual line, enabling live demonstrations of treatments with patients
  • A cone-beam computer tomography machine enabling sophisticated imaging to aid dental implant and other therapies

A First-Class Community Outreach Program

  • A multi-faceted program offering free mobile and fixed location care to a variety of vulnerable groups across the city
  • Dedicated courses on community service, with hands-on learning experiences for each student
  • A Student Community Initiative Committee to help students organise their own community outreach events
  • Excellent teachers and clinicians teaching students how to treat vulnerable populations
  • The Run For Outreach and the Winter Gala For Outreach: annual, student-run fundraising activities to support the Faculty’s Community Outreach Programs
  • Numerous student-led events in the community, including teaching sessions, awareness days and career-focused events

An Innovative Curriculum

  • A constantly changing curriculum reflecting the rapid evolution of dental care
  • The first 16 months of studies spent with peers in the Faculty of Medicine learning about health and disease throughout the body, to ensure that students are able to manage the complex medical histories of patients
  • Incorporation into the teaching and learning practices of the latest technologies, including digital impression, digital imaging, dental implant therapy, endodontic microscopes
  • Small class sizes, offering students individualized training and learning opportunities
  • A heavy emphasis on an evidence-based approach to dental care
  • Rotations, enabling students to become familiar with different populations, different treatment settings and approaches to care and specialty fields in dentistry
  • Advanced treatment cases for all dental students

An Abundance of Research Opportunities

  • A series of research courses throughout the four years of the program, enabling students to learn the basics of research methods, the development of a research protocol, the performance of research and the reporting and presenting of the findings
  • Excellent research training, providing opportunities for undergraduate students to work with the Faculty’s large number of graduate students performing a wide variety of fundamental laboratory, clinical and community research projects
  • Summer research project opportunities for all students
  • Annual undergraduate research day and graduate research day for students to present their research projects to a wide audience

A Long-Term Career Focus

  • 95% of graduating dental students entering residency programs across Canada and the USA each year; 30% continuing to pursue a specialty program
  • The largest General Practice Residency Program in the country, based in three University hospitals with rotations to mobile clinics and other off-site locations
  • Clinicians from all dental specialties giving students an introduction to each specialty
  • A varied and rich selection of continuing education courses for ongoing studies